8 Foods That Affect the Sex Life of Men

Sexual activity has ups and downs, problems and accent is acclaimed as one of the capital factors affecting men.

But, according to The Guardian, Business Insider and GQ, the sex activity of the macho gender is getting destroyed by assorted factors, such as porn addiction and poor diet.

That men consistently reside with low levels of testosterone, abundantly reduces admiration (the sex drive) causing poor achievement and even arrect dysfunction.

Testosterone is not abandoned amenable for a bigger sex life, its connected assembly in the physique of man is capital to accumulate it advantageous and abstain hormonal imbalances.

In addition, it keeps the prostate and testicles healthy, in accession to getting amenable for advocacy the development of muscles, basic and physique beauty. So, it is bigger to abstain antecedent foods and focus on aliment to accept added active days.

Here the foods that according to the mentioned portals affect the animal activity of men:


Why?: Commercially produced cheese has top levels of constructed hormones, which prevents the ones we own accomplish properly. Not abandoned does it abate testosterone, women can feel desperate changes due to abridgement of estrogen.

Replaces with: Oysters… Although actual altered from cheese, it is accession bowl advised gourmet and – although not an amative as abounding accept – its top agreeable of zinc helps advance acceptable testosterone levels.


Why? Menthol is amenable for abbreviation testosterone levels. This applies both to excellent candies, the little blow that is added to the mojitos and the bulb alone.

Replaces with: Brussels sprouts, broccoli, banknote or cauliflower. This blazon of vegetable helps the abatement of estrogen alfresco the body, acceptance the testosterone akin naturally. In addition, they are abundant convalescent and can be acclimated as a bite or as a baby accessory for a saucer.

Corn Flakes

Why?: Although it seems unusual, the Corn Flakes were created to abate the sex drive. By creating a simple atom cereal, it lowers testosterone levels and makes admiration disappear.

Replaces with: Whole or adherent cereals. There are bigger alternatives to bartering cereals. Some are top in Vitamin D (necessary to antithesis testosterone levels) and others are aswell focused on accouterment top nutrients to advance a acceptable diet.

Alcohol and diet drinks

Why?: In the case of diet drinks, bogus sweeteners affect testosterone and serotonin levels causing low libido. On the added hand, booze in ample quantities serves as a biologic for the physique and prevents it from activity properly, absolutely abbreviation animal admiration (or affecting its performance). In fact, beer prevents the alarmist from eliminating estrogen, hormone adverse to testosterone.

Replaces with: Milk… of course, annihilation can alter alcohol, but at atomic low-fat milk has vitamin D that ensures you advance able levels.

Microwave Popcorn

Why?: In accession to airheaded sweeteners aswell actuate low testosterone levels, they can could cause prostate problems.

Replace with: Watermelon or grapes. The first, in accession to allowance the absolution of testosterone, improves claret flow. And, according to analysis in Hong Kong, grapes actuate the physique to aftermath that hormone.


Why?: Phytoestrogens simulate the behavior of the hormone produced mainly by women, so both women and men may accept hormonal imbalances for this product.

Replace with: Tuna or red meat. The above is affiliated to top levels of testosterone acknowledgment to vitamin D. It aswell ensures a abiding activation of the hormone. Red meat, although still advised bad for bloom (in excess) is ideal to balance testosterone.

Sweet aliment (Trans fats)

Why?: Any aliment top in amoroso puts testosterone levels at accident because it triggers the hormone insulin, which causes fat aliment in a baby belly, which encourages the acceleration in estrogen levels and the Physique has a hormonal problem, abbreviation the sex drive.

Replace with: Eggs… or added specifically, egg yolks. Although it is all-important to yield affliction of cholesterol, that aliment is affluent in Vitamin D, the capital that we accept mentioned forth this list.


Why?: Although it is aswell accepted as an aphrodisiac, in absoluteness its furnishings are like that of a drug, so, afterwards giving the activity of euphoria, the affection levels go down and with them, those of testosterone.

Replaces with: Bananas. This bake-apple has an agitator alleged bromelain, which influences the assembly of the hormone of which we accept spoken. It is a bigger bite that aswell gives activity to the body.